Charles Eliot's Beginning

We founded Charles Eliot to be your dog's lifestyle brand. We were inspired by our two golden retrievers, Charlie and Eliot. Charlie and Eliot are sisters with vastly different personalities. The pups personalities are given voice on social media through @CharlieHasTwoMoms. This medium has connected us to thousands of pet parents and pet lovers. 
Here is what these folks have told us: 
1. We love our pets. 
2. Our pets have special and unique personalities and quirks. 
3. Our pets are beautiful.
4. Our pets are an important and integrated part of our lives. 
These four themes kept repeating. Pet parents today love their pets, know that their pets are special, unique, and beautiful, and are interested in finding ways to better integrate their pets into their lives. Cue Charles Eliot. 
Humans use fashion and aesthetics as a way to express themselves. We want to give pets the same outlet. Charles Eliot translates runway fashion and the season's latest trends into collars, leashes and key fobs for you and your pet. Now your pet can wear their personality on their necks. With a key fob that  matches your pet's collar and leash you can feel connected to your pet even when you aren't with them, and be stylish while doing it. 
The Eliot collection features designs inspired by Eliot's young, spunky vibe. You'll find a collar that's perfect for every dog. Charlie Collar offers a seasonal selection of high-fashion designs inspired by runway looks. By subscribing to Charlie Collar, you will receive a collar, leash, and fob set that is as on-trend and fashionable as you are for the start of each new fashion season. All of our looks are custom-designed and translated into handmade items that are made in Rhode Island. We know that our customers care about where there products come from and how high quality they are. We guarantee the quality of our products for life. If you have any issues, just send it back for a replacement. 
As our company grows we will be offering more products that meet the needs of our customers. We plan to expand our offerings to include a specially curated selection of products that speak to the four themes mentioned above. We will continue to focus on building a brand that helps you to express your pet's personality, acknowledges their unique personality, maintains a high aesthetic standard, and integrates pets into our lives.