I'm not a regular Mom, I'm a cool Mom

This is it. No more lugging 75 pounds of double car seats, no more dead-lifting two small, squirming humans, and no more mother-earth, flowery slings made from dryer lint. The Weego twin carrier is light, safe, and comes in metro-black. Thank god for the design and style geniuses who freed new parents from the drudgery of the double car seat carry and from trucks and flower prints.

We've gone hiking, gone grocery shopping, and even braved the crowds on black Friday successfully, happily, and fuss free. Out of the car seats and within a minute we have both twins strapped in safely and comfortably (for babies and mom). Our girls relax into the Weego like they're back in the womb, even calming from their most voluminous outbursts instantaneously. Please bring one of these home for the holidays. Your ears ... and your sanity ... will thank you.