Bringing Nature Indoors with Style and Care at Emerson Resort & Spa

We decided to escape "town" for a few days as the last portion of pregnancy stretched out in front of us. We chose to return to our favorite region and locale for "country" pleasures of walks through the woods to spot early changing leaves, browsing farm stands stocked with autumn gourds and apple baked goods, and to the Emerson Resort & Spa for its excellence in blending the aesthetic of the outdoors with the hospitality of the Hudson Valley. 
We were even more charmed the second time around as we took it *very* easy in and around the hotel grounds, its dog run, and the babbling brook behind the resort; staring down generous portions in its Woodnotes Grille; and, exploring the breweries and eating establishments around town. 
Pulling up to and wandering around Emerson feels like a completely natural transition from the surrounding Catskills and sprawling forest. Yet Emerson manages to provide a completely luxury, upscale stay for its guests. Being their guest brings to mind the experience of belonging to a secret VIP club located in a non-descript, yet perfect, townhouse somewhere in Manhattan.  The Emerson maintains a conservation minded towel and linen change policy and the earnestness of this mindset is demonstrated by small bags with notes in the bathroom encouraging guests to take home partially used bars of soap because, as we were prompted to realize, how many bars of soap otherwise go to waste every day!
At the same time, a portion of the resort’s parking area is reserved not just for electric cars generally, but Tesla specifically. Emerson is low-key but like the imagined townhouse, they know who their clientele are. This is further demonstrated in the  thoroughness of the service and attention to detail you will experience throughout the resort.
A sign by the outdoor fire pit reminds you that supplies for s’mores are available upon request, fulfilling a fantasy you probably had yet to realize you had. The watchful eye of Emerson's team of dedicated employees and its creative approach to solving problems, environmental and otherwise, will surely allow the resort to persist as solidly as the rolling hills into which it is nestled. We will be back to experience the ease and nature of the area and property and to experience the new surprises its dedicated hosts will next create.